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What a Show!

Thanks for joining me. I have a cool subject. Is an ex-grunge addict still grunge? I ask this question on my own behalf. I was one of the most avid devotees of the genre and I still have a soft spot in my heart for the old bands. It takes me back. I don’t think you ever get over the music of your youth whatever it might have been. And I know now that you can be a productive member of society and still love grunge. Let’s share the memories. Grunge is alive!

Today, I must tell you about a show I saw recently that highlighted a traveling grunge band. They completely looked the part. I couldn’t believe the level of excitement this music elicits in the young. They still look unkempt and dress right. Maybe they are just acting like they do for the Rocky Horror Show. Then they go home and trade their torn rags for normal clothes before mom sees them. Ha! I was there with this new crop of aficionados along with a number of old timers reliving the past. We are the best kind of support group.

After the show, when nerves were on edge and emotions high, the attendees were getting out of control. Fights broke out because of silly arguments and I even saw one young man get shocked by a taser. It happened so fast that I didn’t even realize it at first. He dropped like a fly and rolled on the ground writhing in pain. I had never seen this device in action. How can such a little thing cause such devastation to the body? It must have considerable juice. Others rushed to help and someone called 911 although I doubt if it would have mattered. He would be up and about before they arrived. Nonetheless, despite the melee, I had a great time. What a show! It is important to tell you how much impact the music still has on me. It reaches my soul. The rioting is part of the experience. When I was a kid, I never told my parents about that part. They knew the music as I blasted it at home, and they hated every bit of it. I won’t be that way with my children. I will join in the fun. It will be weird if they come to despite grunge and prefer pop or soft rock. It will be disappointing to say the least. I am going to save all my old albums for them.

I will tell them about post-grunge or hard rock that was popular in the mid-90’s to bring back the sounds of Seattle bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. As you can see from this blog, it still survives today with the same dark material and appropriation from punk and metal. There is a lot to share. I like the idea of keeping up just for my offspring.

Not Every Guy Can Pull off Wearing Eye Makeup

You say there is a grunge party tonight. I am coming! I love to dress up as your favorite musician and tonight it will be Eddie Vedder. I am taking a friend who wants to be Joe Armstrong. What a pair we will make. Memories are flooding my mind of Kurt Cobain and Pearl Jam in the nineties. As you may recall, their first album, Ten (1991), became a mega hit on the strength of great tracks like “Alive,” and “Jeremy,” and their two follow-up records also went multiplatinum. Will we ever get over these guys and their impassioned vocals? Grunge may not be the music of choice right now, but it lives on in my heart. I love the hard-hitting, almost confessional style of Vedder. I can’t say enough about his band. I even remember his music in the eighties when he was part of Bad Radio, another progressive rock group.

My friend reminded me that Billie Joe Armstrong is also a legend in punk rock, having been a guitarist and vocalist for Pinhead Gunpowder. Don’t you love those grunge band names! He hails from California which has spawned many an American musician. I think my friend has made a good choice. So we get our outfits ready after looking on line at some old photos of back in the day. We even do up our faces with makeup topped off by eyelash extensions coated with mascara. Not every guy can pull this off unless going to a costume party. Because we don’t do this that often, neither of us had any mascara. We were too embarrassed to borrow any from a girlfriend or buy it at the drugstore or cosmetics depots. We search online, finding this web page – http://www.eyelashestodiefor.com/best-mascara-for-eyelash-extensions/ – and look at pages and pages of mascara with different names. Did we want jumbo, spidery, extra volumizing, lengthening, for eyelash extensions, or waterproof? Since we didn’t expect to cry, we went with maximizing. We felt ridiculous until we tried it out and loved how we resembled our idols.

We looked every bit the part as you can see on Instagram. We love the raccoon eyes. We looked like we never had any sleep and had been partying for weeks. Such is the nature of grunge. The problem was getting that thick darned gooey stuff off. My friend pointed out that you just take off the eyelash extensions and there you have it. No more mascara. Some did get on my eyelids and I needed a special remover. Mascara is supposed to stay put. Women like that it lasts a really long time through the day and subsequent evening. The mascara remover I selected did a good job. There wasn’t even a trace of the black stuff the next day when I went to work. I didn’t want any probing questions.

Soft Water Hard Water

It’s time to get a new home water filtering system. I have been hearing the not so subtle hints. While I like my music hard, my girlfriend likes her water soft! No kidding. It’s time to make the shower and bath experience spa-like and pampering just for her. (Do men really care?) If I comply, I will no doubt be in good stead for some time. After all, there is some monetary outlay involved, so pleasing her has a price.

You can buy dispenser units for individual sinks and showers or you can buy an entire filtering system for the home. They bring in tanks and change the filters as needed. Cost is the underlying factor in making a decision. But no expense should be spared in the name of love, right? I am told, by her of course, that soft water makes your skin less dry and your hair more manageable. Who wouldn’t want that!

Hard water is loaded with chemicals, some harsh, such as mercury, lead, chlorine, and the like. While we wouldn’t dare drink this, we do bathe in it, at least most of us, without a thought as to health detriments. I think it is more cosmetic, actually, since no one has died from hard water exposure. Nonetheless there is a principle involved here.

The newer water softener systems are salt and potassium-free and low maintenance, which is a plus (yes I am making a pro/con list). They don’t use magnets (when did they?) The units now employ what is called reverse osmosis so it is safe and eco-friendly. They say it costs “pennies a day.” Mmm. It does save on bottled water if you keep your new kitchen faucet tap water cold in the fridge. But we are talking showers here, not hydration. They also say the filtered water is “odor-free.” Is that a benefit? I guess so. My girlfriend thinks so!

The moral, then, of this blog, is not just a primer on a home water system, but on how to keep your lady happy, and soft. Take heed and do it, it will pay off in the long run. We want the highest standards in water usage, right?

Eighty five percent of US homes have hard water, so the statistics say. I think this would be a good business to own. Hard water means high mineral contact that leaves scale and residue. Hard to clean faucets and crusty shower heads. This stuff corrodes metal. Your dishwasher doesn’t clean as well and your soap doesn’t lather. Crisis! Towels and clothing feel scratchy after washing and look dingy. Hard water also takes more energy to heat whether it is the water heater, the dishwasher, or the washing machine. In addition to limp hair, you get more razor burns, and itchy skin. For the ladies who color their hair, it fades faster.

Now I get the total picture and see through my girlfriend’s eyes. I am not going to say another snide word about soft water, not one.

I’m a Huge Fan

I’m a huge fan, and I don’t mean the kind that blows cold air. (You actually might describe me that way from time to time, but it is not in order to cool off a room.) When it is hot and stifling in the summer, I do utilize a ceiling fan that does the job quite well, but I am referring here to that other kind of totally devoted music fan, and for me it’s all for Nirvana.

A music fan has a limited number of groups to follow, otherwise you would be too eclectic. And within these groups there are probably a half dozen albums that merit reverence. A true fan singles out what is special and worthy of adulation. You don’t just like everything. That would describe an ovine follower of the crowd.

A fan of Nirvana knows their history: when the group was formed, concert tours, best-selling albums, ups and downs. He or she knows about DGC records, the tragedies and final days in 1994, the drug use, and the survivors and posthumous releases. The group may seem like a blip in time in Abdereen Washington starting in 1988 with the Sub Pop label, but a fan keeps the memory alive. A fan marks the anniversary day of albums that went gold like Nevermind on October 12, 1991. This was not an anomaly. There were others landmarks if not so great like In Utero (after all Nirvana sold over twenty-five million records in the US alone and I believe over seventy-five around the world).

Some say that Nirvana is a bottomless well of nostalgia and that Kurt Cobain is a spokesman of a generation. I like that description. A true fan only matures years after the hysteria anyway. At first when a new group arises, you are an observer, then a participant, and finally a full-fledged fan. To talk about grunge and alternative rock is to say almost nothing. Your association as a fan goes way beyond mere words.

I consider myself a fan of the first order. If you were comparing me to either a desk top whirring kind or a big giant ceiling job, I would be the latter – one of the biggest and best ceiling fans lol. My blades would extend from the core or center (symbolizing the group) out into the atmosphere as far as the eye could see. I would be seen to have influence and reach in the form of my blog. Thank you for joining in!

You now know that Nirvana has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year—in its first year of eligibility. You know that fans of the group will keep them in the limelight as long as they are physically around (and we are still young!). If I were the best example, you should be optimistic indeed. As the flagship band of generation X, Nirvana has found a permanent place in the pantheon of music stars, thanks to fans like me—and you. It might have been a struggle to build a fan base at first, but when they did, it was forever.