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I’m a Huge Fan

I’m a huge fan, and I don’t mean the kind that blows cold air. (You actually might describe me that way from time to time, but it is not in order to cool off a room.) When it is hot and stifling in the summer, I do utilize a ceiling fan that does the job quite well, but I am referring here to that other kind of totally devoted music fan, and for me it’s all for Nirvana.

A music fan has a limited number of groups to follow, otherwise you would be too eclectic. And within these groups there are probably a half dozen albums that merit reverence. A true fan singles out what is special and worthy of adulation. You don’t just like everything. That would describe an ovine follower of the crowd.

A fan of Nirvana knows their history: when the group was formed, concert tours, best-selling albums, ups and downs. He or she knows about DGC records, the tragedies and final days in 1994, the drug use, and the survivors and posthumous releases. The group may seem like a blip in time in Abdereen Washington starting in 1988 with the Sub Pop label, but a fan keeps the memory alive. A fan marks the anniversary day of albums that went gold like Nevermind on October 12, 1991. This was not an anomaly. There were others landmarks if not so great like In Utero (after all Nirvana sold over twenty-five million records in the US alone and I believe over seventy-five around the world).

Some say that Nirvana is a bottomless well of nostalgia and that Kurt Cobain is a spokesman of a generation. I like that description. A true fan only matures years after the hysteria anyway. At first when a new group arises, you are an observer, then a participant, and finally a full-fledged fan. To talk about grunge and alternative rock is to say almost nothing. Your association as a fan goes way beyond mere words.

I consider myself a fan of the first order. If you were comparing me to either a desk top whirring kind or a big giant ceiling job, I would be the latter – one of the biggest and best ceiling fans lol. My blades would extend from the core or center (symbolizing the group) out into the atmosphere as far as the eye could see. I would be seen to have influence and reach in the form of my blog. Thank you for joining in!

You now know that Nirvana has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year—in its first year of eligibility. You know that fans of the group will keep them in the limelight as long as they are physically around (and we are still young!). If I were the best example, you should be optimistic indeed. As the flagship band of generation X, Nirvana has found a permanent place in the pantheon of music stars, thanks to fans like me—and you. It might have been a struggle to build a fan base at first, but when they did, it was forever.

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