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Nirvana: Fun Facts Little Known Things About the Band


When you’re a die-hard fan of Nirvana, like I am, you learn some behind the scenes info that most people don’t know.  I was, and still am, consumed with Nirvana and have scoured through the net, hard copy magazines and every other available records in order to find out all I can about the band and its members.

Did you know that Kurt Cobain and Kourtney Love had a little girl?  Yep!  Her name is Frances Bean.  She was born in 1992.  She was named after the Scottish guitarist of the The Vaselines, Frances McKee.
“Bean” came about because Kurt thought she looked like a kidney bean in her ultra-sound debut photo.  Kurt died in 1994.

The group wasn’t always called Nirvana.  At first they were the ‘Angry Samoans’.   Then, Kurt decided to pick a name that was serene and beautiful instead of angry and mean.  Thus, the name ‘Nirvana’.

Something else I find kind of cool is that Kurt thought that the name of his band, “Nirvana”, should be spelled in all caps.  Wonder if he knew that stands for yelling.  Probably he did!

Kurt’s name was once misspelled as ‘Kurdt’.  Kurt liked it and adopted it as the spelling of his name as a reinventing of himself of sorts.  Some think it was also to put a bit of distance between his on stage personality and his private life.  Looking back at the way things ended, I am inclined to think that might be so.

Kurt’s funny looking guitars were patterned after a group that was popular during the 60’s surf era.  He also had a nickname for his Fender Jaguar.  It was named “Little Baby” and as you can guess, he was quite fond of it.

Krist Novoselic is Croatian.  Although some people think it’s like ‘Kurdt’ and is just a tweak of his name, it’s the real deal.

Kurt and Krist attended the MTV Headbanger’s Ball in elaborate yellow robes.  They were quite a hit and seemed to have had a blast at the affair.

And last but certainly not least, do you happen to know Kurt’s middle name?  It’s ‘Donald’, of course.

It’s the inside information that reminds me that Nirvana was just a group of guys who bled red blood, just like me.  They were great, alright, but they were human too.  Kurt went through a good bit of problems with his marriage and fatherhood too.  His little girl was temporarily taken away due to his and Kourtney’s bout with drugs.  That’s pretty human.

Sometimes I wonder if Kurt had realized that it was those human things we have in common that fans love about him, if he would have stuck life out.  I think it was a lot of pressure to live up to the pedestal we all put him on.

I keep digging and digging, hoping to find more out about the band and the lead singer who went to rest way too early in his life.  The music lives and from time to time a new fact surfaces that gives us yet another piece to the puzzle and another look into the lives of the humans who made up the superhuman sounds of Nirvana.

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