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Not Every Guy Can Pull off Wearing Eye Makeup

You say there is a grunge party tonight. I am coming! I love to dress up as your favorite musician and tonight it will be Eddie Vedder. I am taking a friend who wants to be Joe Armstrong. What a pair we will make. Memories are flooding my mind of Kurt Cobain and Pearl Jam in the nineties. As you may recall, their first album, Ten (1991), became a mega hit on the strength of great tracks like “Alive,” and “Jeremy,” and their two follow-up records also went multiplatinum. Will we ever get over these guys and their impassioned vocals? Grunge may not be the music of choice right now, but it lives on in my heart. I love the hard-hitting, almost confessional style of Vedder. I can’t say enough about his band. I even remember his music in the eighties when he was part of Bad Radio, another progressive rock group.

My friend reminded me that Billie Joe Armstrong is also a legend in punk rock, having been a guitarist and vocalist for Pinhead Gunpowder. Don’t you love those grunge band names! He hails from California which has spawned many an American musician. I think my friend has made a good choice. So we get our outfits ready after looking on line at some old photos of back in the day. We even do up our faces with makeup topped off by eyelash extensions coated with mascara. Not every guy can pull this off unless going to a costume party. Because we don’t do this that often, neither of us had any mascara. We were too embarrassed to borrow any from a girlfriend or buy it at the drugstore or cosmetics depots. We search online, finding this web page – http://www.eyelashestodiefor.com/best-mascara-for-eyelash-extensions/ – and look at pages and pages of mascara with different names. Did we want jumbo, spidery, extra volumizing, lengthening, for eyelash extensions, or waterproof? Since we didn’t expect to cry, we went with maximizing. We felt ridiculous until we tried it out and loved how we resembled our idols.

We looked every bit the part as you can see on Instagram. We love the raccoon eyes. We looked like we never had any sleep and had been partying for weeks. Such is the nature of grunge. The problem was getting that thick darned gooey stuff off. My friend pointed out that you just take off the eyelash extensions and there you have it. No more mascara. Some did get on my eyelids and I needed a special remover. Mascara is supposed to stay put. Women like that it lasts a really long time through the day and subsequent evening. The mascara remover I selected did a good job. There wasn’t even a trace of the black stuff the next day when I went to work. I didn’t want any probing questions.

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