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Soft Water Hard Water

It’s time to get a new home water filtering system. I have been hearing the not so subtle hints. While I like my music hard, my girlfriend likes her water soft! No kidding. It’s time to make the shower and bath experience spa-like and pampering just for her. (Do men really care?) If I comply, I will no doubt be in good stead for some time. After all, there is some monetary outlay involved, so pleasing her has a price.

You can buy dispenser units for individual sinks and showers or you can buy an entire filtering system for the home. They bring in tanks and change the filters as needed. Cost is the underlying factor in making a decision. But no expense should be spared in the name of love, right? I am told, by her of course, that soft water makes your skin less dry and your hair more manageable. Who wouldn’t want that!

Hard water is loaded with chemicals, some harsh, such as mercury, lead, chlorine, and the like. While we wouldn’t dare drink this, we do bathe in it, at least most of us, without a thought as to health detriments. I think it is more cosmetic, actually, since no one has died from hard water exposure. Nonetheless there is a principle involved here.

The newer water softener systems are salt and potassium-free and low maintenance, which is a plus (yes I am making a pro/con list). They don’t use magnets (when did they?) The units now employ what is called reverse osmosis so it is safe and eco-friendly. They say it costs “pennies a day.” Mmm. It does save on bottled water if you keep your new kitchen faucet tap water cold in the fridge. But we are talking showers here, not hydration. They also say the filtered water is “odor-free.” Is that a benefit? I guess so. My girlfriend thinks so!

The moral, then, of this blog, is not just a primer on a home water system, but on how to keep your lady happy, and soft. Take heed and do it, it will pay off in the long run. We want the highest standards in water usage, right?

Eighty five percent of US homes have hard water, so the statistics say. I think this would be a good business to own. Hard water means high mineral contact that leaves scale and residue. Hard to clean faucets and crusty shower heads. This stuff corrodes metal. Your dishwasher doesn’t clean as well and your soap doesn’t lather. Crisis! Towels and clothing feel scratchy after washing and look dingy. Hard water also takes more energy to heat whether it is the water heater, the dishwasher, or the washing machine. In addition to limp hair, you get more razor burns, and itchy skin. For the ladies who color their hair, it fades faster.

Now I get the total picture and see through my girlfriend’s eyes. I am not going to say another snide word about soft water, not one.

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