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What a Show!

Thanks for joining me. I have a cool subject. Is an ex-grunge addict still grunge? I ask this question on my own behalf. I was one of the most avid devotees of the genre and I still have a soft spot in my heart for the old bands. It takes me back. I don’t think you ever get over the music of your youth whatever it might have been. And I know now that you can be a productive member of society and still love grunge. Let’s share the memories. Grunge is alive!

Today, I must tell you about a show I saw recently that highlighted a traveling grunge band. They completely looked the part. I couldn’t believe the level of excitement this music elicits in the young. They still look unkempt and dress right. Maybe they are just acting like they do for the Rocky Horror Show. Then they go home and trade their torn rags for normal clothes before mom sees them. Ha! I was there with this new crop of aficionados along with a number of old timers reliving the past. We are the best kind of support group.

After the show, when nerves were on edge and emotions high, the attendees were getting out of control. Fights broke out because of silly arguments and I even saw one young man get shocked by a taser. It happened so fast that I didn’t even realize it at first. He dropped like a fly and rolled on the ground writhing in pain. I had never seen this device in action. How can such a little thing cause such devastation to the body? It must have considerable juice. Others rushed to help and someone called 911 although I doubt if it would have mattered. He would be up and about before they arrived. Nonetheless, despite the melee, I had a great time. What a show! It is important to tell you how much impact the music still has on me. It reaches my soul. The rioting is part of the experience. When I was a kid, I never told my parents about that part. They knew the music as I blasted it at home, and they hated every bit of it. I won’t be that way with my children. I will join in the fun. It will be weird if they come to despite grunge and prefer pop or soft rock. It will be disappointing to say the least. I am going to save all my old albums for them.

I will tell them about post-grunge or hard rock that was popular in the mid-90’s to bring back the sounds of Seattle bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. As you can see from this blog, it still survives today with the same dark material and appropriation from punk and metal. There is a lot to share. I like the idea of keeping up just for my offspring.

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